Why Choose Us

Your Children Are Worth It!

The most important investment we can make in our children is the investment in their education. During their pre-kindergarten years, children develop characteristics which will affect their life-long ability to learn. Those who develop basic skills early and find enjoyment in social interaction and learning right from the beginning are much more likely to achieve success during their school years.

Our goal is to prepare each child for their educational development in kindergarten and beyond, so that they will look forward to this learning process and be assured of achieving their highest potential.

Kids and Me Preschool and Daycare Center offers preschool and toddler programs for children 2 – 6 years of age. (Children who are not potty trained may wear pull-ups.)

Our highly trained and experienced teachers provide a caring, supportive and enjoyable environment, which will foster the physical, mental, emotional and social development of each child.

Our programs have been designed to accommodate the different developmental level and ages of the children. We have three classrooms. One is for ages 2 and 3, and the other two are for ages 4 and 5. This age group separation enables us to present educational material that is suited to the child’s capabilities and allows them to be inquisitive and creative, enjoy the learning process and develop a positive self-image and pride in their accomplishments.

Our preschool and toddler programs involve activities that encompass all aspects of the child’s developmental growth, utilizing spacious and well-equipped indoor and outdoor facilities. These programs include playroom activities, outdoor recreation, craft projects, special events, story time, music, art activities, block building, manipulative toys, visitors from the community, nutritional snacks and lunch, nap time, and more.

Other Equally Important Aspects of Our Program

  • Safety and close supervision of the children
  • Ongoing communication with parents
  • Qualified, dedicated staff
  • Clean facilities

In addition to our daily preschool and toddler programs, we offer the following special events: Valentine’s Day Party, Halloween Carnival, Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving Feast, Summer Water Play, and a visit from Santa Claus.

Parents are encouraged to visit Kids and Me Preschool and Daycare Center at any time during normal operating hours, with no need for advance notification.