Kids & Me is an amazing daycare with the best teachers. My daughter has been coming here for 2 years and absolutely loves it!Ashley
Our family loves Kids & Me! The newly refurbished facility is beautiful and stimulating to the kids. The staff is wonderful and you can really tell these kids are loved like one of their very own! Kaine is excited to go to school every day and learn because the teachers make every day exciting & fun for the kids. I know that when I drop off Kaine at school, he is safe and cared for. I highly recommend Kids & Me to every parent looking for a fantastic preschool!Amy
I am the proud mom of an active, creative, stubborn, ornery, and oh so smart four year old boy. The ladies at Kids & Me Preschool work so hard to make sure my son learns everything he needs to know, to be prepared for kindergarten, regardless of how distracted a four year old can be. Since he’s started at Kids & Me, he’s learned his alphabet (in the right order), how to count, how to write his name, and even how to read and recognize words.

The structured class time in the Pre-K classroom has prepared him for kindergarten, and everyday he comes home with new stories of lessons learned, books read in circle time, and art projects done, in his class with Teacher Pam. I would recommend Kids & Me to anyone looking for a clean, safe, and stimulating environment for their child.Tricia

Hello, I’m writing this testimonial for Kids & Me Daycare for three reasons.

1st “My Miah” How much she has grown in just the short time she has spent at Kids & Me. Miah started attending in September 2013. Our Family was experiencing some shifting and I needed somewhere Miah can stay while I worked. It has been a blessing for Miah to have something she can look forward to and somewhere she can learn, socialize and grow. The staff at Kids & Me are loving and caring. Miah talks about her Teachers all the time. I’m grateful that I can trust she is being loved and cared for the way I would like.

2nd reason I’m writing this is Lindi, the new “Principle” of Kids & Me. What a wonderful lady. You can tell she put her whole heart into her School. She takes an interest in not only the children but their families too. She personally assisted me with several prospects.

3rd Reason I’m writing this is the fact that the improvements around Kids & Me lately are outstanding. I was already impressed with the unique structure of Kids & Me when I first signed Miah up. The recent maintenance and upgrades that have been completed are remarkable. Miah really enjoys outside time and has truly enjoyed the extra love that has been put into the outside playground area.

I look forward to spending the next could years growing and learning with Miah at Kids & Me. Thank you.Mindy